TDP7S 7″ Practice Pad “Buzz Maker”

The 7” Practice Pad is the ultimate in portability and provides players with a wealth of sound. The top surface, made of an elastic material, provides a quieter sound while the bottom surface utilizes harder material for a louder sound. This makes the pad perfect for any practice situation. In addition, the snappy snare sound can be easily turned on and off by turning over the built-in plate.

TDP12 12″ Practice Pad “Mentor”

The 12” Practice Pad is made especially for marching band players. Aligning both arms within the pattern on the top surface, in the ready position, allows players to check their basic form while playing. In addition, the sound of the center of the pad differs with that of the other areas so that players can correct their form during practice. The sound-muffling urethane pad at the bottom also lets drummers modify the sound according to the practice environment.

The TDP12 is designed to fit inside standard 14″ snare hoop, so pad may be placed pm smnare drum

TDP7S Rp. 430.000

TDP12 Rp. 670.000