Evans Hybrid Grey Marching Snare Drum Head – Product Information

The Evans Hybrid Grey Marching Snare Drum Head blends two unique high-tensile fibers to achieve only the positive attributes that drum corps, percussion instructors, and players are looking for.

To answer the high-tension requirements demanded by modern drum corps activity, one fiber of the Evans Hybrid Drum Head was chosen for its extreme durability. As a result of its innate strength, this fiber produces the additional benefit of enhanced attack and projection.

The 2nd fiber in the Evans Hybrid Drum Head, however, was chosen for its flexibility and stretch. Its elastic nature allows the hybrid drum head to flex under the impact of drum sticks, producing a significantly softer feel. The inherent “give” in the batter head allows the air column inside the drum to be moved with greater ease, resulting in a more pronounced snare sound, resonance, sensitivity and dynamic range.

SB14MHG : Rp. 1.120.000

SB13MHG : Rp. 1.030.000