TAMA Drum Covers are designed for the ultimate in snare, tenor, and bass drum protection. Well padded custom fitted covers completely protect chrome hardware and high end lacquer finishes from scratches, dirt, and the elements. Featuring pockets for drum keys, storage slots for tenor legs when not in use, and ring attachments for stick bags, TAMA Drum Covers are a multi-functional solution for protection and convenience. All covers are double stitched, weather proof, and are washable to insure beautiful and long lasting protection for your drums.


Complete Cover Specs

How to attach Attach to drums with Velcro straps
Pockets All drum covers have a small pocket. Tenor drum covers have a large pocket to store legs when not in use.
Rings All drum covers have rings to attach stick bags over the cover.
Bass drum covers One size cover can fit two sizes of bass drums. 14″ &16″, 18″ & 20″, 22″ & 24″, 26″ & 28″. All bass drum covers have openings to expose carrier and stand attachments.