Evans MX White Marching Tenor Drumhead – Product Information

The MX White tenor heads are comprised of two 7.5mil plies of the same tonally rich and durable film used to produce the award winning MX bass heads. The head’s focused attack and controlled sustain provide excellent clarity when balanced with snares and basses.

All Evans tenor heads are designed with an advanced hoop concept that prevents pull-out, even under the most severe tuning conditions. Similar to the patented roll-over feature present on every Evans Drumset head, the outer wall of the tenor hoop is bent inward to trap the film and epoxy in the channel. Unique to the tenor hoop, however, the roll-over is much more severe and hooks downward, locking in the glue and preventing the outer wall from prying open.

  • Instrument: Marching-Tenor
  • Finish: Smooth White
  • Attack: Defined
  • Tone: Warm
  • Sustain: Focused
  • Feel: Firm
  • Durability: Extreme

TT06SB1 : Rp. 240.000

TT08SB1 : Rp.260.000

TT10SB1 : Rp. 215.000

TT12SB1 : Rp. 295.000

TT13SB1 : Rp. 310.000

TT14SB1 : Rp. 330.000