Cordhead mallets

The Cordhead 210 series of mallets express a clearer tone to that of the Woolhead mallets. Cordhead mallets are most often used for Vibraphone and Metallophone performances.
No.211 best matches Xylophones.
No.213 best matches Vibraphones


No.211 Light Hard
No.212 Medium Hard
No.213 Medium Hard
No.214 Medium
No.215 Medium soft
No.216 Heavy soft


No, 211  Rp. 580.000

No. 213  Rp. 610.000

No. 215  Rp. 610.000

Mushroom head Mseires

he Mushroomhead M series are designed to be used in performances spaces where a large amount of volume is required. These mallets provide the best performance when played on the Concert series of Marimbas and Vibraphones.

Model Hardness Wrap
M-1 Medium Hard Wool
M-2 Medium Soft Wool
M-3 Soft Wool
M-4 Hard Cord
M-5 Medium Hard Cord
M-6 Medium Soft Cord

M1  Rp. 650.000

M3  Rp. 650.000

M4  Rp. 650.000


Mushroom head M60seires


The M-61 produces a solid sound, M-62 is moderately hard, M-63 and M-64 provide stable performance from the lowest on up to the highest notes.


Model Hardness Wrap
M-61 Hard Cord
M-62 Medium hard Cord
M-63 Medium soft Cord
M-64 Soft Cord


M 61  Rp. 840.000